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      SHENZHEN JINGZHI NETWORK EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. is an industrialized Company specialized in manufacturing various designs of server cabinet. Our Core competency is the use of High quality sheet metal products. Our Company is one of the largest manufacturers in the Chinese industry. The company acquire several highly-qualified personnel and technical experts who have been working, developing and designing numerous versions of sheet metal chassis for more than a decade, in addition to many professional and technical engineers working around the clock to insure quality control and customer satisfaction.
      Based on the need and comfort of our clients, "JINGZHI" can customize any design required, including various models such as: network cabinet, server cabinet, profile cabinet, telecom cabinet, monitoring pole, street lamp octagonal bar, operating console, splicing wall, TV screen wall, indoor and outdoor equipment box,outside distribution box, customized non-standard containers...

Production advantages

Company's existing plant area of over 20,000 square meters, has more than 800 workers; Shenzhen plant more than 2,000 square feet, with more than 100 workers

Standardized service

Program design, structural layout, production, equipment maintenance, strict compliance with customer technical standards and industry standards

Qualification advantage

In the same industry to create a good technical superiority and quality advantages. Customer recognition is the direction of our efforts.

Product advantages

For many well-known large enterprise groups to become a long-term partners

Environmental advantages

Manufacturing, sales and service in the field of electric power, communication, IT, securities, infrastructure management, and so on. It is a medium-sized and comprehensive modern enterprise which is mainly engaged in the manufacture of precision sheet metal.

Technical cooperation

We pay more attention to the continued introduction of internationally renowned with the industry's advanced technology and philosophy

Thank the following customers for our long-term support

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